Learning to Live in the New Timeline

The purpose of consulting The Fire of Life Oracle is to help free you from the illusions of the old timeline into which you were born and to prepare you for life in the New Timeline (NTL), which has fully emerged on earthplanet plane as of November, 2016. Use of this oracle will help dissolve the residual impressions from the old timeline, which will retain their influences over human consciousness until the dissolving past makes it no longer possible to sustain them. Memories will rapidly fade because they will never have occurred, and future generations will not be burdened with a past which turns every present moment into a struggle. In the New Timeline, creation through human consciousness will begin. Whatever questions you bring here for contemplation are a vital means to freeing human consciousness from the dark contemplations of its former existence. Open the doors to new inquiry here.

Life in the new timeline is rooted in godspace, which is the eternal, formless reality out of which worldspace is continually emerging. Your personal memories are rooted in the worldspace of the former timeline, which comprises everything you experienced through mind, body, emotion and sense. In the old timeline, personal lives mostly swirled in the karmic winds of unconscious living, creating seeds for endless lifetimes of doubt and confusion. Over the next few years, these karmic seeds will burn in the fires of the new reality, leaving only the eternal seeds of godspace for acting out on the stage of human existence.  

Godseeds are imbued with the original intent behind the cosmos. The prayers and their commentaries come your way as the original intent of life seeking a place in the world that is its manifestation. If you are ready to surrender your illusions about life from the old timeline in favor of a rapidly emerging new reality, you will find a more real purpose in how you live and love.

Watch the world and the mental and emotional details of your personal existence. Bring to the Oracle your most challenging questions. Let the prayers and commentaries, which are of equal importance, teach you directly about life in the New Timeline and the original intent behind the cosmos. Intellectual understanding supports your experience of reality, but only reality can reveal itself to you. Inquire and it will answer. There are no more locks and keys. The universe is an open book.

In order to find which prayer is suited for the moment of inquiry, consult the random moment. Select a number between 1 and 58; return to the prayer site and open up the prayer. Try one now. After that you are on your own.