42 Overcoming Conflicts of Love

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please make peace between us! Let love be strong!

Love is veiled, I know, but here we are.
Who can depend upon truth every day?
I love her[him]. Why can’t it show?
Won’t you touch both our hearts?
We are helpless and alone.

Hidden Dragon! Love’s illusion is all mortals have!
We seek the truth but accept love’s pace!
Grant us a moment and then another.
Death might claim us before the clouds pass.

Living Love! Fire of Life! Let us embrace!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Let us embrace!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Let us embrace!

The brooding, self-knowing intent that is your godbeing self has two impulses which determine how you experience love. The first impulse is to shield itself from the infinitude of love; the second is to reveal itself as love within a living context. As you look at the question that brought you to this prayer, see it as a means through which the original love of a godbeing can merge into your life. The veil with which it conceals itself, which is your life and world, is the place where it chooses to walk. You and the godbeing are always one. The pain of your love arises out of ignorance of the godbeing’s intent.

The godbeing’s love lives in your heart, but it traces its reality to the greater godbeing out of which the entire earthplanet dream manifests. This greater godbeing is undergoing a transformation in its relationship to the collective dreaming that comprises earthplanet plane. Something from beyond its august self-knowing is stirring its intent. New waves of transformation are entering earthplanet and overriding the greater godbeing’s planetary matrix. In response to this new intent, the greater godbeing is preparing to harvest from its godbeing dreamers the “virtue” that it needs to find passage beyond its present existence.

You cannot look at your personal situation in the context of what you have experienced before. Remember that you exist inside a dream space that is real only when known from a higher plane of existence. Godspace is the real nest of your being. Nothing that you think has happened before in time has ever occurred. The frustration in this prayer arises out of this confusion. Love from within the human condition does not want to yield to love as it is in godspace, especially now that godspace is stirring with fresh intent.

Advanced Commentary
The death of love is the final illusion which human beings must overcome before reality can dawn. In this prayer the human voice, having tasted the truth, realizes that its surrender of love is imminent and wishes to have its final experience of it.

In the second stanza, the human voice addresses its godbeing counterpart, which has made its presence known so thoroughly that the human voice can pray directly to it. The godbeing voice, on the other hand is silent, implying that it either has no cognizance of what the human voice is trying to do, or it knows that silence is the only response to the desperate situation the human voice is facing.

The human voice knows what lies behind the veil and accepts what is about to happen. It has a profound awareness that love is about to be lost and is trying to draw the most of love possible from within its human condition as a last gesture to its dissolving reality. In its human love, faced with the reality of what it knows, it wishes its heart and its lover’s heart both to be touched by the same doomed love. In their knowledge, human love has become maximally what it can be. 

In the Hidden Dragon stanza, the human voice draws upon its experience of godspace to plea for one more moment of human love, hoping against hope that what it knows will somehow not come to pass. If human love is to be lost, let there not be a moment remaining of human life which would suffer that loss. Let death and realization of truth come simultaneously.

This prayer is about the last moment of duality before the godbeing says, “Let us embrace.” As with the other prayers, this godseed is only what it is. It has no other purpose other than to manifest what this prayer reveals.