45 Realizing Pure Perception

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please enhance my perception! Make it pure!

Everywhere I turn I am always there.
Front, back, down, up—what I see is what is!
If I blink, it’s all gone. If I laugh, the world grins!
There is only my self looking back at me!

Hidden Dragon! Spiral of life! How did it begin?
I have never left home, and yet it’s all new!
Unfathomably more than life by itself!
Turn within turn in your fiery breath!

Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Quantum consciousness! I!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Quantum consciousness! I!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Quantum consciousness! I!

If you are no longer mesmerized by the infinitude of worldspace and can accept the inexplicability of life when lived through the lens of personal toil, then you might be ready to drop the veil of earthplanet plane and assume the reality of your godbeing core. When your personal life story stops, you are left with a dreamscape that is complete with earthplanet, stars, galaxies, and the realization that it is all you. You no longer know yourself as a tiny being in an infinite universe that may house other planets with human-like beings. The truth is far greater than such trivial musings.

Advanced Commentary
The plea that is the essence of this prayer is the first flush of perception itself. The “before” of perception is not knowable; nevertheless, within its plea, the godbeing voice calls for its perception to be pure. It intuits an existence prior to perception and experiences perception as something less than what it was. In this prayer the finest threads of non-existence and pure existence become ambiguously clear.

Perception arises out of the astonishment that is the essence of “I” and extends into all dimensions, which arise out of this astonishment needing to contain itself. As these dimensions take on livingness, the “I” pursues the mystery of its existence through its awareness of its self-existence, which is taking on definition even as the world rolls through its knowing. The Hidden Dragon stanza is a question and an answer together in one aspiration. Here is the birth of a godbeing emerging directly out of the Hidden Dragon fire.

The final stanza is the seed formula of a godbeing crossing the non-existent boundary between existence and non-existence. Hidden Dragon, the Fire of Life, Quantum Consciousness and “I” are the same – seed within seed of the Dragon itself.