12 Stirring the Shadows

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please restore my innocence in the joy of sleep!

Free me from the sorrow of my illusions!
Free me from past and future thoughts!
Let the sweetness of love permeate my being!
Grant me this prayer, then let me forget!

Hidden Dragon! I disappear behind the veils of waking!
No brooding mind will assault me here.
I do not want to know what will or will not be.
Let me sleep again. Innocent not-knowing.

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! No burdens for me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! No burdens for me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! No burdens for me!

This prayer is a plea for unconsciousness. Your awakening may be occurring too quickly. The human mind slips between the folds of the veil and finds unprocessed energy from past experiences. The weight of such experiences can overwhelm the mind and distort its living processes. The veil itself is a changing energy field that houses the consciousness of a godbeing. As the godbeing probes the veil, imparting to it energy and intelligence, it engineers experiences for the personality that will lead to the veil’s unwrapping, allowing the godbeing to step forth and fulfill its purpose. This is a long process, extending far beyond the length of individual lifetimes.

This prayer is a simple warning for you as a personality not to process too deeply the shadowy components of the personal life. Your life is just one stage of a process much more extensive than you can see. The godbeing knows how to work its life through those conditions, and you can never find the bottom of darkness. When you stir the pot to relieve personal tensions, either through psychotherapeutic processes or through spiritual techniques, you may loosen the veil too soon. Stir, but also listen to your inner guidance. Remember, you don’t know how to do it. Personal freedom is not the same as spiritual freedom, which only the godbeing imparts, and it imparts it to itself.