53 Singularity

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know I you are real!
Help lighten my spirit! Please, open my hand!

Arms and muscles. A recalcitrant world.
My inner landscape has trenches and wire.
I pray for peace with an open heart.
Behind the barricades, I light a match.

Hidden Dragon! Fan the flames!
There is no one here but you and me!
Love’s illusions I’m prepared to deal with.
If my hand is taut, then so are others’.

Fire of Life! Living Love! Strike the colors!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Strike the colors!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Strike the colors!

An open hand and a closed fist are the two components of absolute life. A godbeing’s initial knowing is the terror that it cannot embrace the infinitude of its existence. “I exist” is a cry that fills the quantum cosmos because it has no boundaries with which to contain that knowledge. Startled by the absoluteness of its condition and its aloneness in dealing with it, a godbeing generates living worlds in order to fathom the fire of self-existence that forever threatens to consume it. Within the currents of its being, love stirs the expansion of life; fear of annihilation generates its boundaries.

Your life is one of the dream worlds wherein a godbeing seeks to deal with its condition. If your question has to do with the effects of a particular action you have taken, look into the question to see if your hand is opening or closing. Separate yourself from the personal issue and just witness the process. There is no one out there to judge your actions. You are it. There is no other. You and your Mystery Room space are a reflex event occurring within the pure existence field. In you, something opens and something closes. As godbeings become human beings and vice versa, opening and closing happens. There is no other way to be. Love can never be forever open; its tenderness is too real. Love can never be forever closed; its tenderness is too real. In generosity, the hand will open; in expectation of a return, the hand will close.