57 The "I" of God

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please, show me the “I” space, God's own “I exist”!

An infinite plain of green grass growing,
Blue sky unclouded, a sea without waves,
Then a glint of pure knowing
   --and everything’s exposed!

Hidden Dragon! Countermand free will!
Dimensionless existence, “I” without me!
My human form gestures out and in—
Unity, pure perception—“I exist” is God.

Living Love! Fire of Life! Beyond the beyond!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Beyond the beyond!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Beyond the beyond!

“I exist” is the original knowledge of godspace, which, as you are coming to know, is the singular quantum knowledge of a godspace being concealed deep within the living love flame. In attracting this Fire of Life card to you, you have been invited into the knowledge of what you originally were and still are. “I exist” is a living being. A quantum being. It is a singularity. Your life derives from its existence. It is the ground-state condition of your existence.

There are, and have been eternally, an infinite number of “I exist” godbeings in the quantum cosmos. Godbeings are the real beings. They are the ones who evolve from one plane of pure existence to another. You as a human being and the race as a whole are a means to an end within that process. There is a greater godbeing beyond, of which your “I exist” is a piece. That godbeing is preparing for its transposition onto a higher plane. To touch this knowledge is to be a real being. Multi-dimensional all the way.
The question that brought you into this knowledge is a doorway into a deeper realization of what your pure existence reality is. Invoke this prayer as an opportunity to experience this aspect of yourself. Solving whatever problem may have brought you here for its own sake is secondary, but as you work on that problem, you are coming closer to assisting your godbeing self with its reality. It’s all perfect . . . once you know it is.   

Advanced Commentary
The human condition is not without possibilities on the extreme ends of its perceptual capacity. Emerging from the godseeds of pure existence, which are the true impulses of life, there are channels through which human vision can attain various pinnacles, despite its limitations. As this human voice approaches its final knowledge, it prays to know what the original condition of “God” is. Having fathomed the depths of its own being and having found the delusions of the human race to be irredeemable, it steps forth and prepares to accept what is possible for it to realize.

In the early part of this prayer, the human voice has no idea that it is about to confront the boundary between the field of perception, which is the ground state knowledge of the human condition, and the doorway beyond perception, through which it may not pass. In its gaze, the voice imagines terrestrial images to stand for the expansion into infinity of its perceptual knowledge. But then through the images that imply infinity, a “glint of being” destroys all knowledge based on its perception. What has been lost is not replaced by what cannot be gained.

The “I” of God is not godly at all because “godly” is a human conception that dies upon realization of  the “I,” which is the boundary between human perception and the real field of  pure existence. The “I” is real only through its connection to a long chain of pure existence conditions that have their origin within godseeds rushing through the unknown carrying their specific possibilities for manifestation. “I” is one of those possibilities; out of it human perception arises.

The Hidden Dragon stanza represents the height of the realization as the human voice moves into and out of the “I” condition. Within the possibilities of its perception, it can know itself in unity with all that it perceives. “I”-ness by itself is “pure perception,” which is the matrix of all things through which the godseed can manifest its seed-mandate. When the human voice “gestures out,” it is no longer human and knows “out” only when it comes back into human knowing. What is missing is the it of the voice. There is no free will here. The movement between out and in has nothing to do with human intent. From the human knowledge of the “I” of God, the godseed “beyond the beyond” is manifest.