37 Virtue

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please reveal the virtues that are the jewels of life!

I want something to offer from life’s best illusions.
Why not wisdom, compassion, freedom or hope?
Let threads of truth unravel in my mind!
I am a shirt of bright colors under the sun.

Hidden Dragon! Invisible beauty!
Is there nothing from the dream worth passing on?
Right here! Right now! Before all is revealed!
Let me offer the knowledge of gold and dross!

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Show the difference to me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Show the difference to me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Show the difference to me!

This prayer reveals the link between your personal existence, which is your godbeing self’s dream existence, and the greater godbeing, which is the source of all godbeing dreamers in earthplanet plane. Look at your question and see if you can find a thread of offering, something you are willing to give up in order to create a deeper connection to your godbeing self. This offering is the meaning of virtue.

Within the greater and lesser dimensions of godspace, the struggle is the same—how to transfer the new knowing of godbeing life from a lesser godspace dimension to a greater. If a godspace dreamer wishes to access a greater reality beyond its capacity, it must manifest within its dream field something worthy of offering to the greater godbeing beyond, which it can use to prepare its offering . . . in infinite progression. This offering is the goal of all godbeing dreamers manifesting life on earthplanet plane.

Within the infinite possibilities of life, the godbeing dreamer acts out godseeds inherent within its matrix in search of the one dream virtue, which it will then offer up as the essence of its sojourn on earthplanet plane. This virtue is the link between your personal existence and the reality of godspace. Your godbeing self is the dreamer of your life. Its purpose is the real purpose. As you awaken from the fantasies of worldspace and rise above the passions of the species, you gain access to the original intent of your godbeing dreamer and learn to participate in the one real intent of life. The passion of your human longings resolves into one vibrating essence of life. You become the one jewel your godbeing self is willing to offer into the beyond. In this effort, your personal existence and your godbeing existence become one.

From within the question that brought you to this prayer, locate the one value that may resonate with “virtue.” Feel in this “virtue” the link to the godspace field. Know the difference between gold and dross.

Advanced Commentary
The voice in this prayer is facing the immediacy of giving up the worldspace illusion of its life in the light of approaching godspace reality. It draws upon the finer threads of its  human conditioning that suggests an offering is required for safe passage into the unknown. But what to offer? Especially since the godbeing is no longer operating under the limitations of its human existence and is indifferent to such unreal necessities. For its sake, the godbeing allows its human component to make its last grasp before the unknown overtakes it.

In the second stanza the human voice, which is standing on the verge of an entirely unknown reality, gathers to itself the sum of human accomplishment – “wisdom, compassion, freedom or hope.” Some of those things must be within me. Here! Just unravel my mind and you will find “bright colors under the sun.”

When, in the next stanza, the voice is overcome by the realty of the Dragon, it immediately confronts the “illusory” nature of human virtues and acknowledges what he sees as “infinite beauty.” Only a glimpse of the Dragon is enough to destroy the illusion of the virtues. The human voice, which is overwhelmed by the infinitude of “invisible beauty,” cries out its final plea as a human participator in the grand mystery of things and disappears into that non-human reality, recognizing that “there is nothing from the dream worth passing on.”

Nevertheless, in its final cry as it plunges into the unknown, this voice desperately wants both  to claim the illusion within which it has lived as well as to acknowledge the unknown which he faces, knowing that the difference between the two requires knowledge of the essences of  each. By claiming the distinction, it equates that which it is leaving with that into which now it must go.