31 Good Judgment

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please help me show honor in everything I do!

I make mistakes. It’s time I admit it!
I want to do better but right thought eludes me.
Can I decide what thoughts run through my mind?
If you peel an apple, there is only one thing inside.

Hidden Dragon! Filter out the delusions from behind the scenes!
Acting from weakness does not make me strong.
Shore up the erosions inside my mind.
I confess to moral truth. I want to honor my friends.

Fire of Life! Living Love! Friends are life!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Friends are life!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Friends are life!

This prayer addresses the confusion you may face as you make a deeper contact with godspace and, specifically, the possibility that your way of cultivating relationships may no longer work. Even in the most mundane decisions about relationships and activities, you are being asked to distinguish between the needs of the personality and the needs of the godbeing entering earthplanet plane through you.

You can facilitate this transition in life values by making three acknowledgements: First, nothing in the world can tell you who you are; a godbeing self-exists. Second, close relationships based exclusively on worldspace values cannot survive the influence of a godbeing. Third, all relationships must be maintained with integrity. Each of these acknowledgements marks a sheath of worldspace that a godbeing must take on if it is to walk in the world.

Your responsibility is to maintain a life able to sustain the intent of a godbeing. Without your cooperation, the godbeing cannot enter. You are not likely to make all three acknowledgements convincingly, but this prayer makes those doubts into account by beginning with the easiest requirement—honoring friendships. You make decisions every day about what to do and whom to be with. Something inside you now is quietly providing you with a new basis for making those choices.