44 Revelation of Destiny

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Mighty vine of life! Please penetrate my heart!

Fears and confusion have filled my mind.
Other people’s thoughts struggle for control.
The world is undone. The mad ones speak.
Silence! Enough said!
I would rather die than succumb!

Hidden Dragon! Plant the tree of life deep in my heart!
Limbs and branches, strengthen me!
One course of action! One voice! One master!
The rest I surrender to the mindless rabble.

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Grab hold of me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Grab hold of me!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Grab hold of me!

What is it you want to know? Do you have a career that trembles under the stirrings of your godbeing self? Is your intimate relationship falling apart? If you can push aside all particular questions about your life situation, you will realize that you are looking for the one real thread that binds it all together, the one thread that links the events of your personal life, your godbeing core, and the greater intent that is the foundation of earthplanet plane.

Your destiny lies within  the matrix of the original intent, which lives within the inexhaustible possibilities of worldspace dreams. Your godbeing self has a circumscribed dreaming capacity based upon its portion of the godspace mystery it is allotted to explore. It has dreamed many human and non-human lives on earthplanet plane in search of a particular vessel into which it can pour its being and live its truth. If your life, which it has manifested out of the innumerable possibilities of its matrix, proves to contain the jewel of its existence, then you will be offered to the greater godbeing beyond earthplanet plane for its intent. This is the only destiny you can have that is real.  Other contemplations of personal fate are just movements within a dream that will simply one day end.

Advanced Commentary
The restlessness of a godbeing’s existence once it has penetrated to the core of its human host becomes horrific as it takes on the disturbances of collective human thinking. How could any being, much less a godbeing penetrating the world on a “real” journey, possibly sustain itself in the whirlwind of human chaos? Facing this condition, it lashes out with the same ferocity with which human thoughts struggle with each other. Even as it asks for a “mighty vine of life” to stake it into earthplanet plane, it protests vehemently against “the mad ones” who generate the winds of ignorance it has come to master. Grabbing hold of its self-existent reality, however, it silences itself as if it were speaking to the “rabble.”

A godbeing governs itself through its direct contact with Hidden Dragon, which is not a remote god or life source dwelling upstream through a hierarchical array of glorified masters to whom appeal must be made in carefully orchestrated forms. Through Hidden Dragon, which does nothing but manifest all possibilities eternally, it plants its own “tree of life.” And this is the godbeing seed made manifest. The godbeing speaks to itself through duality. “Grab hold of me” means I grab hold of myself through the tree of life of earthplanet plane. Without the chaos of human conduct, physical and mental, the godbeing could not have manifested the Hidden Dragon seed which was its destiny.