48 Faith

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please, grant me the faith that defies understanding!

I have poured over books and tasted the mysteries.
My mind is an empty, self-contained shell.
I have searched in vain. My vanities have vanished.
Blood flows. The compass spins. Nowhere to go.

Hidden dragon! The bare essentials, please!
Naked in your energy, existence is pure!
Nothing is real but The Real itself!
If I know that, then who are you?

Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Only nothing is real!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Only nothing is real!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Only nothing is real!

It is not possible to reflect upon the realities of godspace and the intent of godbeings without drawing upon concepts the human mind can process. Nevertheless, understanding is not the main purpose of these commentaries. Look at the question that brought you to this particular prayer and ask yourself what it is you really want. If you are looking for mere understanding then you wish only to link the thoughts you have while reading this material to other thoughts you have on similar themes. If, however, you have been consulting these prayers over a period of time and have accepted the realities that are probing you through them, then you are ready to unwrap the veil from around the words and taste the pure existence field itself.

These prayers and commentaries are self-contained. You cannot test their validity within the public dialogue about God and enlightenment or within formal religious systems. You read them, instead, in order to translate your human point of view into the godbeing’s point of view. Self-existence is the nature of a godbeing’s life. It alone is real. The dream modules that are its blossoming reality are of its nature as is the greater godbeing beyond. You cannot measure your success in this transformation through anything you know. It happens by itself within itself. Faith is the capacity to take on a point of view for which there is no reference point within our human experience. It is a whisper swirling itself into your ear to hear what it is saying.

Advanced Commentary
From inside the prison of the human mind, a godbeing is perched upon the precipice of godspace and asks for that which, in human terms, would prepare it for its realization of what it really is, namely, faith. “Understanding” here means any mental, emotional or perceptional knowledge that confines the pure existence being from activating the intent that sent it spinning into the cosmos on its way to an unknown destiny. From within its reality, which is more remote to human social and personal intercourse than the subatomic particles of modern science are to human perception, the godbeing seed is ready to move out into the field of human existence, which is the mirror image of its intent, and claim what it came to know.

In the next stanza, the awakening godbeing assesses the path which its human form has traversed in order to provide the godbeing an open door through which it might merge into the world. Even the deepest metaphysical studies have proved to be empty. All sense  of its importance as a human participant in worldly activities has compromised itself. Its human mind has lost all bearing and can no longer pretend that a specific path in life can be fruitful.

With all its shields collapsing, the godbeing addresses Hidden Dragon and asks that its absolute condition, which is pure existence, be revealed. Before it can activate its livingness within the human form and fulfill its mission, it must assume basic realizations: it must know that which is The Real; it must accept that it is a being of singularity by denying that Hidden Dragon is something other than what it is. “If I know that, then who are you?”

The seed of this godbeing, which originated from a godspace dimension it can never know, is to walk through a fabricated existence with the realization that “only nothing is real.” That is its seed condition. That is all that it is. There is no purpose behind this realization other than it take place.