30 Justice

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please balance the scales! Let justice prevail!

I am not on trial. Nor are you!
All actions are one action in every dreamer’s dream.
It is all one event, one doing from beyond.
Why this piece for me, that for you?

Hidden Dragon! I don’t want revenge!
Getting back at others is a fool’s destruction!
I didn’t do it! Neither did he or she!
You are the proof! We are all innocent!

Living Love! Fire of Life! All actions are free!
Living Love! Fire of Life! All actions are free!
Living Love! Fire of Life! All actions are free!

The heart of a godbeing relies on itself for its actions in the world. Against the backdrop of human suffering, it manifests its own opportunities for living its godbeing life. Making no judgment about what should or shouldn’t be, a godbeing fiercely accepts its reality in all that is. If you have come to this prayer, you are likely resisting some condition in our life that your mind says should or should not be. On what basis do you make that judgment? Can you find some unassailable foundation upon which to take that stand? Whither wouldst thou go with this scepter of truth?

The violence of a human heart arises out of its vulnerability to suffering and the need to afflict suffering on others in order to assuage its pain. There is no resolution to this life response in worldspace, where all actions influence all other actions within a vast and complex vibration of life energies. In making a judgment, you are trying to take a stand where nothing is certain and no action can be fully understood. Such judgments are the very source of violence and pain.

Only deep within the heart, where human pain meets godspace, can suffering finally be mastered. In godspace, there is nothing upon which to make a judgment. Isness is. Without knowledge of the original field out of which all actions emerge, how can you value any action over another? Absolute knowledge is available only on the cosmic plane from where the entirety of earthplanet manifests, and not even the greater godbeing who is the source of earthplanet life can fathom the world that is its dream creation.