56 Touching God's Dream Existence

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know I you are real!
Please, touch me with the truth of how you exist.

There is a flowering beyond my own self-existence.
Humankind is but part of a greater day.
Beyond earthplanet plane in God's dream space
The world self-exists as God's own illusion.

Hidden Dragon! Fathoming is impossible!
Let love be my offering into the unknown!
It doesn’t matter to you whether life comes or goes.
You are never emptied out. Non-existence never ends.

Living Love! Fire of Life! Drink from the chalice!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Drink from the chalice!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Drink from the chalice!

The greater-“I exist”-godbeing-beyond dreams to itself. Worlds, solar systems, and galaxies are part of its dream. With a flicker of its intent, earthplanet plane can pass into non-existence as if it had never been. And indeed it never will have been, for its substance has no reality beyond the being in whom earthplanet dreaming occurs.

The passage of a single human being through its dreamscape leaves a trail of life within the knowing of this “I exist” dreamer, for its attention is capable of fathoming the last detail of its dream reality. Your life is part of its preparation to take an evolutionary leap onto a higher dimension of godspace. As you read this prayer and commentary, it turns its attention to you. It feels you, as does the approaching Hidden Dragon fire that will propel it into the unknown. You can liken the greater-godbeing-beyond to a gossamer swirl of cosmic water about to disappear into unfathomable mystery, taking with it all the modules of perception that comprise earthplanet dreaming. I also refer to the greater godbeing beyond as the Galactic Mind.

In asking your question, you must deal with two realities: The first is the absolute insignificance of what you ask; so drop your question now and look “up.” The second is the knowledge that your single human life is known and taken into account by the Galactic Mind, as is your question. Breathe now the pure air of this moment. You have never been more real.