28 Decisiveness

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
It is time for action! Please help me decide!

There is no room for failure!
The crisis is upon me!
People in trouble expect me to know!
No thoughts! Just action!
Resolute! Commanding!
Eyes front! Heart free!
Open the gate!

Hidden Dragon! Put fire in my eye!
The moment is breaking through! 
Courage is not enough to restrain fear of failure.
The Dragon itself must prevail!

Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Dauntless and free!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Dauntless and free!
Hidden Dragon! Fire of Life! Dauntless and free!

The gap between intent and action is the shadow of life. When engaging this prayer, you are asking for nothing less than a link between the singularity of being and the infinite complexity of action. 

Individual actions are never fully fathomed because there is never just "your" action; there is only all-action-all-at-once shadowed over by the limitations of human thinking. As you feel the godbeing merge into your human being, you are tempted to draw upon its absoluteness to free you from the uncertainties of action. This desire cannot be fulfilled. Not even the godbeing can assert itself with absolute certainty. And what would be the value? The godbeing accommodates itself to your human form in order that something unknown within itself be revealed, action by action. Absolute decisiveness would be the antithesis of this aboriginal event. 

You can use this prayer to stir the fire of life within you and push through stuck energy, but the godbeing is not going to save you from anything. It knows itself absolutely as pure existence, and that is all it knows. Within the possibilities of your life in motion, it knows what you know and only that.

Hidden Dragon alone is absolutely decisive, for within its fire there is no resistance and no conditioning. If you wish to develop decisiveness in your personal life, you can use the energy of this prayer to do so, but keep in mind that godbeing innocence is the fire itself.