29 Friendliness

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please help me make friends! Make my world a safe place!

I sit alone by the window watching clouds.
I can taste the joy of friendship, yet my mouth is dry.
What should I say? I never know what to do.
Love needs a sure touch! Help me be who I am!

Hidden Dragon! Be sweet to me!
Fire can be warm as well as stir.
There is comfort in a touch, a hand that helps.
Be easy! Be gentle! I am loyal to the core.

Fire of Life! Living Love! Walk hand-in-hand with me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Walk hand-in-hand with me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Walk hand-in-hand with me!

The godbeing entering your life is innocent within itself. Its life is the contemplation of pure existence forever. From within the depths of its contemplation, it has manifested you as the means of deeper self-knowledge. It seeks, therefore, to understand you just as you seek to understand it. The friendliness in this prayer is the intimacy that makes this mutual understanding possible. By drawing this prayer, you are asking for a more intimate relationship with your godbeing self.

On the cosmic planes, a godbeing has only itself to relate to. Its dream creations are intangible forms skirting eternally across its inner eye. Despite its august position in the cosmic order, it has little knowing. It dreams alone and coldly to itself. A godbeing manifesting human lives stirs warmth into the godspace field. Its contribution to cosmic evolution is the possibility that this warmth may eventually catch the attention of the godbeing, making it a more conscious dreamer.

This prayer arises from the ambiguity between the human and godbeing conditions. You can read it from a human perspective as a person reluctant to meet other people, or you can read it as the reluctance of a godbeing to fully enter the human form. This ambiguity can only be appreciated from within the deeper folds of the veil, where the human and godbeing conditions meet. Here unfathomable beauty is always on the edge of being revealed, bringing with it a tenderness that is staggering to the human heart. 

Advanced Commentary

The voice in this prayer is a godbeing newly arrived on earthplanet plane and having difficulty managing its human qualities without knowing its purpose for being there. It sits alone in the human condition with no motivation to move out into the world. “Friends” here means conditions in life that allow for participation in it.

This godbeing’s deepest concern is that it cannot fulfill its purpose. “What should I say?” I never know what to do.” It wants to know why it is here. “Help me be who I am!”

In response to its plea, Hidden Dragon comes forward. The godbeing is tremulous, for it knows it can easily be overwhelmed by a single, unmeasured gesture .“Be easy! Be gentle!” With just the right touch from Hidden Dragon, the godbeing finds out what it wants to know. Its purpose in the world is to show what it means to be “loyal to the core.” Having recovered its truth, which had been obscured during the travail of entering earthplanet plane, the godbeing now has the confidence to go out into the world. It will know what to say. It will have many friends. Its godseed does not include deeper realizations, at least not in the context of this prayer. It will be the embodiment of absolute trust – “Walk hand-in-hand with me!”