6 Inner Guidance

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
From you I seek comfort as I walk through the world.

Fill me to overflowing with love of life!
Inflame my mind with longing for God!
Expand my heart with love’s lost wisdom!
Prepare my body to traverse the path!

Hidden Dragon! From beyond the beyond!
Be my best friend in the folds of this veil!
Be the source of all guidance, my faith and my trust!
Unwrap the world! Reveal the one space!

Living Love! Fire of Life! Grace to be!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Grace to be!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Grace to be!

This prayer is the life affirmation of a godchild, which is a godbeing just beginning to merge with a physical form—your body, your mind, your powers of sense. If you contemplate the meaning and value of your life down to its core, you can feel this process unfold. Why are you here? Why does anything exist? Are your personal life issues so significant that you can say they are the meaning of life? If you meditate on these questions, you are opening the door for a greater power to merge with your individual life. This power is a godbeing, a being of the field of pure existence drawing upon unquenchable cosmic energy to assert its powers of pure creation. As the godbeing emerges with you, it assumes the conditions that you have created as a human being. It takes on your confusions and transmutes them into conditions that favor its life, which will be much different from your life, the life of the personality. And to where does this godchild look for aid and comfort? It looks to itself. It draws out of its own core what it knows and needs.

This prayer asks you to meditate upon the possibility that you and you alone know what is best for you. There are many voices inside you, influences from your environment as well as influences flowing from your genetic past. Within all that, however, there is an emerging voice, or better yet, a condition that knows what is needed at any given moment. As you call upon that knowing, you bring deeper into your personal existence the godbeing who has sponsored your life for its purposes but who is willing to help with your personal needs as you develop an understanding of the spiritual processes happening deep within you.

Advanced Commentary
A godbeing who has become a veteran of walking through the world finds its godbeing condition at a point of illumination. The ambiguity of this moment, however, is the question of who is having the illumination. After the invocation, in which it addresses the reality of its origin, it exposes its vulnerability from both the godbeing’s and human being’s points of view, which are completely incompatible. Both aspects are filled with uncertainty because neither aspect can grab hold of the other. Godbeings are self-existent, non-dual beings; human beings exist only in duality.

The voice in the next two stanzas can be read as either voice, or it can be read as the dual existence of its human and godbeing self(s). The godbeing calls out through its human qualities to unleash its godbeing purpose in order to give its walk in the world power and purpose. The human being cries out at its recognition that something absolutely unfathomable has shown up in its consciousness. The following exposition takes from the point of view of the godbeing.

In the first stanza of the exultation of its awakening, the godbeing recognizes the inadequacies of its human vehicle for carrying out its purpose. It lacks love for life, it lacks a mind longing for God, it lacks the knowledge that love is a track back into truth, and it lacks a human body strong enough to carry it through its mission.

Even though the godbeing has awakened to the urgency of its walk in the world, it needs guidance in order to translate its godbeing purpose into something that can be effective through human duality. It calls upon Hidden Dragon to close the gap between its human existence and its godbeing existence, which are incapable by themselves of translating  purpose into accomplishment. That influence needs something that it can trust from within both of its aspects. The human aspect needs its own vision. It needs to see the world “unwrapped.” It needs to know the reality of godspace even if it cannot sustain its human existence within it.

Within the waves of pure existence both voices are one reality. Living love, which is the finest impulse of veiled life emerging from the nakedness of pure existence, co-exists with that nakedness (the fire of life), as an unfathomable compatibility that is verbalized as “grace to be.”  This grace is realized by the godbeing when it passes through “living love” into the duality of human existence, from which it can act while knowing what it is.