36 Vision

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please give me clear insight and rich understanding!

It is easy to be swept along by the currents of change,
No thought of how life moves or where it is going.
There is an intelligence at work,
A design behind the scenes.
Illusion and truth – one warp, one weave.

Hidden Dragon, light up my path!
Illusion need not be madness. I want to know!—
One fragment released from your deceiving spell,
One thread of illumination—my portion to grasp!

Living Love! Fire of Life! Light the way!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Light the way!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Light the way!

This prayer is a vision dreamed on the road to eternity. It is the path you choose to walk from within the illusion that is human life. When you come to this prayer, you are willing to look behind the veil and accept that all your cherished beliefs are unreal, but you are not willing to shed the veil entirely. No matter. It is as it should be. Once you grasp the truth that you are living inside a preconceived dream, you can engage that dream as a living pretense. You move forward, one life among many.

But the dream field has a greater reality beyond your personal vision, and if you indeed wish a vision of life, then try this: The dream world you have engaged is one unit of pure perception within the field of infinite possibilities. It is a dream that can be turned on or off by intent. Your particular dream module is real for you alone; untold others go on without you. Although you maintain the illusion of a world and universe, you understand that this illusion is sustained from deep within godspace and has its own intent beyond the story you are living.

With this knowledge, you learn to link your godbeing existence to the greater godbeing who is the dream master of earthplanet plane. You learn that godspace has infinite dimensions wherein new godbeings emerge eternally in response to the dilemma of godspace, which is pure existence infinitely accepting and rejecting itself. Within the grace of a cosmic godbeing, your godbeing self exists as an evolving godbeing dreamer in naked awareness of the truth of pure existence. It is learning in an unfathomable way how to manage a portion of cosmic energy and to dream lives that act out godseed possibilities.

As you read this commentary, something may stir. Look at the intent that brought you to this prayer. Your intent, your godbeing’s intent, and the greater intent beyond earthplanet plane are all here in the desire to know. This is a fragment of truth released from your deceiving spell. Let it be your portion to grasp!

Advanced Commentary
The voice of this prayer arises out of the moment when a major illumination is about to occur. The voice has no specific identity. It is, rather, a condition within spirit that happens outside the cognizance of a human listener.

In order to proceed to the next level of illumination, it will need “clear insight and rich understanding”: the first is the capacity to see clearly; the second is the capacity to take on new conditions of reality. The word “rich” suggests an understanding beyond what it now takes for truth.

In the next two stances the voice moves through several levels of its recognition. First, it acknowledges that it cannot make anything out of the “currents of change.” At the next level, it begins to recognize that there is a deeper contemplation of the “currents of change” than being “swept along.” At this new level of contemplation, available to it through “clear insight,” it realizes that behind the constant change in the world, there is “an intelligence at work.” In each line in this second stanza, the voice moves from a state of illusion, within which the movements of life are meaningless, into an awareness that this illusion and the truth by which the illusion is recognized are a single truth – “one warp, one weave.”

In the next stanza, the voice cries out from yet other dimension of reality. It now has “rich understanding.” Confronting the fire of life that is Hidden Dragon, and knowing that it cannot dwell long in this realization, it calls upon that fire to send it back into illusion with a new awareness. Its assertion that “illusion need not be madness” marks two defining points within the circuit that joins truth and illusion. The extremes of both are madness. Part of its assertion arises out of its recognition that staying in the “fire of life” space is impossible; the other part arises out of the recognition that illusion with no truth is also madness. When it descends back into illusion, it wants to carry with it “one thread of illumination.” It does not want to descend into the darkness of total ignorance. It wants an open space within the illusion through which it can live in the knowledge of the unity of truth.

Then the voice drops into yet another dimension altogether distinct from the preceding ones. Within this dimension, there is actually no voice at all. All particularity has been dropped. There are only the currents of life, the waves of Hidden Dragon. This particular movement, which goes beyond “rich understanding,” closes a circle that began with the ecstatic surging of life energy out of the Dragon bearing the seed of this realization. “Light the way!” is that seed. 

Therefore, the actual movement of the prayer begins at the bottom with the wave arising from the Dragon containing a particular seed of realization. This wave of seed energy  moves upward through the prayer into the web of illusion, creating the steps of realization along the way and the voice of the one who will have that realization as it returns to its source.