15 Spiritual Power

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Entrust me, please, with the staff of your power.

Noble godbeing! Grantor of all wishes!
Let me be the standard of pure existence life!
Great forces abound in the wastelands of ignorance!
Let truth have a servant in this benighted world!

Hidden Dragon! Lend me your flames!
Fire up inside me the legions of truth!
Give my mind the tools of expression
And my heart the resilience of a blue sky cloud!

Hidden Dragon! The landscape is sober!
Why should we suffer fools to prevail?
We will martial our followers
And give them our peace.
Let them serve and sacrifice without fear or regret.

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Let it be done!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Let it be done!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Let it be done!

Being is intangible. You cannot locate it with your mind or senses. Without some shift in your powers of perception, godspace, the ultimate field of life, remains unknown to you. Nevertheless, something mysterious within the folds of being can act upon human intent, influencing action and eventually revealing itself without ever taking on a persona. As you read what follows, ask yourself what is actually guiding your life. Are you conscious of the influences that direct your activities? What power do you exercise in your life, and what are the factors by which you judge your success? Think about the thought that led you to this prayer card. What is empowering it?

The one real power in life lies in direct knowledge of godspace. All other forms of power are illusory. When the mind confronts the absolute nature of godspace, it becomes so absorbed in infinitude that it drops all pretense at controlling or understanding life. Indeed, it might be fair to say that the mind, giving up its status as interpreter of the world, surrenders all capacity for applying knowledge. It becomes, rather, a convenient fiction retained by a godbeing in order to act out its intent in the world. Here is a humbling standard by which you can assess the meaning of your personal power. When you are ready to stand up on the stage of truth, something more tender than you can imagine will make its presence known, revealing its power in a way that may astonish you into a deeper surrender of your illusory sense of control.

Godbeings walk among us. They act out unseen realities from within godspace. The quality of satisfaction they gain from those actions cannot be matched by other kinds of actions in the world, including those involving use of power. The power of a godbeing derives from the absolute certainty that it exists, a certainty that does not come from anything in the world. Instead, it comes from direct knowledge of the core of life and the perfection of its actions. The sense of warriorship that is present in this prayer comes from the power of this recognition.

It might be easy to assume from this prayer that godbeings come into the world to save mankind from its ignorance. What a noble use of power! Nothing, however, could be farther from the truth. This prayer demonstrates the power of action when rooted in godspace. Nothing more. Humankind does not need saving even if godbeings are out there trying to save it. There are untold possibilities for life expression available within godspace. There is nothing special about the current human situation. From individual points of view and from the collective desire of the living race, there is the need to sustain life and make it better. Although great beings in the world serve this desire, there is no necessity that human life continue or that one drop of evil be expunged from its fabric. Life lived out of godspace knows no such necessities. Instead, godbeings act out “what if . . . “ possibilities that remain unknown until acted out. Some of those possibilities might include “saving the world.” Some may include destroying it.

You may be shocked to entertain these ideas, but probe more deeply into their meaning. Human desires are rooted in the human condition without knowledge of godspace. Human reality, however, arises directly out of godspace and carries with it the potential of living out conditions within the godspace field. The purpose of human life is to be a ground for godbeing events to occur so that a godbeing’s knowledge of what it is may be revealed to itself—over and over again in many different forms and capacities. Living life with this knowledge is real life. Now link the vulnerabilities of the human condition to the absolute power of godspace out of which it arises.

Although a godbeing is unassailable from its roots in godspace, it lives the human condition subject to the same vulnerabilities as all other human beings. That vulnerability is a core part of its truth, for as it identifies with its mortal as well as its immortal life, it comes closer to a complete knowledge of what it is.

What does a godbeing gain when it takes on human form? How can these two conditions, absolute vulnerability and absolute power, co-exist? Delve into this problem as your meditation. If you are experiencing vulnerability at this moment in your life, you are probably closer to truth than at any time when you have successfully satisfied your desires. Remember, godspace is at work inside you, and you now have an opportunity to see this process for what it is and no longer be a slave to the power of your personal desires to define your world.