43 Sacrifice

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Pierce my heart, love! Fill your cup! It is me!

Tearing the veil under a night sky –
The mysteries of pure existence are never revealed.
Fold within fold, it embraces itself.
It lives, it offers, it dies its own death.

Hidden Dragon! I bow to you!
Why should I fear death? I am never going to know.
I unwrap my heart, my mind and my soul.
It never ends until I cut my own cord.

Hidden Dragon! Living Love! I pierce my own veil!
Hidden Dragon! Living Love! I pierce my own veil!
Hidden Dragon! Living Love! I pierce my own veil!

Living love arises in the pure existence field as the original gesture of infinite mystery. It is the tenderest fold of the fabric out of which the veil of the world is made. Living love’s fiery quality arises out of its tenderness and its capacity to be overwhelmed by the absolute beauty of what it is. No being can resist the contemplation of absolute beauty, not even godbeing/buddhas.

As its appreciation approaches self-annihilation, it sends cascading waves of living love tenderness into godspace, which become innumerable living love beings contemplating their own beauty, until they send cascading waves of more living love into the galactic field . . .  eternally . . . as it has always been—infinite numbers of living love flames contemplating their beauty from the edge of their capacity to sustain their gaze.

The threads of living love tenderness interweave themselves inside your heart, where the state of mind that brought you this lesson lives. This inner stirring arises out of the mystery of a living love being seeking to unwrap a dense layer of the veil that separates you from it. It is the real being. It has generated you as a means to shield itself from the absolute beauty of love and the tender condition that is love’s realization. You are both human being and a living love being. Living love exists, and only because it exists do you exist.

But now, out of the waters of pure existence, an intent stirs. Living love is placing upon the altar of forgetting all the shadows within which it has hidden itself. Those shadows are what you as a human being have come to know as love. Living love is the real being. Its reality is the contemplation of absolute love. You as a human being live only in the shadow of that love. As it gradually removes the veil for a restoration of its original contemplation of beauty, it sacrifices you as a knowing being and uses your life force to expand its capacity to appreciate its existence. Life at this level is a dance between its necessity and your willingness; that is, from a human perspective, it seems that way.

The possibility of this sacrifice is the original intent behind the world. The cry that comes from the prayer arises not only out of the human heart upon its sacrifice but also out of the living love's realization of the futility of what it has done. Nothing, no one, no life formed within the boundaries of worldspace can manifest enough capacity to sustain the absolute contemplation of love. The sacrifice of the human condition is a prelude to a deeper sacrifice which cannot be born, out of which a new veil arises and new illusion lives.

Advanced Commentary
In this prayer the human condition has been overwhelmed by the truth of godspace reality. The human voice, which has accepted its unreality, desperately wants to offer the love it has garnered through its human experience as its last action. And with that offering, the human voice receives its final vision. In fact, it becomes a human galactic being through this knowledge.

In the second stanza, the vision of galactic reality and the living love beings, which are that space stirring, is manifest as the mystery of pure existence. To the human voice the “night sky” is the altar of its sacrifice. When penetrated by the human condition, the self-existence of its condition is revealed. “It lives, it offers, it dies its own death.” This vision is the death knell of human reality. There is nothing above it guiding its experience. There never has been. A greater reality lies behind human experience, but that reality has no persona and does not respond to human fear and ignorance. It exists eternally as that which it is, and that is that. Hidden Dragon is its essence.

When the human voice accepts the truth, it bows to Hidden Dragon, which is the non-hierarchical reality that dissolves all fantasies about gods, demons, saints, and saviors, masters, all practices and all aspirations for union with the divine. Having accepted the final boundary of human experience, this voice realizes that there is no need to resist its demise. As a human being, it will never live this truth. In fact, this realization is the ultimate possibility of human knowing. The human voice, having confronted and accepted itself as that truth in disguised form, unwraps itself as that itself. Maintaining the human form has no purpose; there is nothing for it to achieve. It has always been its own doer. In the last verse of this stanza, the human voice acts out the real condition.

This godspace seed, “I pierce my own veil,” manifests on the boundary between the fire of pure existence and the flame of living love. Ultimately, there is nothing human about it.