9 Transcendent Peace

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know  you are real!
Please grant me the peace that passes all understanding!

Beyond the stars that mark space and time.
Beyond the trouble of my mind’s dark travail,
Beneath the veils that hide the real heart—
Take me there, lost love! Grant me peace!

Hidden Dragon! Your brooding eyes will never reveal
What cannot be seen of life’s hidden fire!
No matter what trembling your truth brings to life,
Transcendent peace is what I want.

Living Love! Fire of Life! Bring peace to me!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Bring peace to me!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Bring peace to me!

In ancient times great sages and teachers sought to leave earthplanet when they discovered the higher planes of life. They taught that the Earth offered only suffering through bondage to the enticements of mind and sense. In their own practices, they found refuge in the depths of being, which offered them an unassailable defense against the vagaries of life. They sat in caves in meditation and held the world at bay. At the same, time, however, they kept open the doors from the higher planes into the denser realms of human existence. Eventually they cognized the means to stimulate out of the field of infinite possibilities conditions that made human life easier. They discovered that they were creating their own realities and that if they taught others how to manifest satisfying and soothing life conditions, they would be able to sustain this planetary field and keep it from collapsing under its own weight. Without these sages earthplanet plane could not have sustained itself.

Suffering today is of a much different order. The survival of the race now turns on its confusion about the nature of reality. It suffers from an existential distemper, which could be ameliorated if enough people had regular experiences of “transcendental peace.” Individuals from all around the world are engaging in practices which infuse the planetary consciousness with this value of peace. In these meditation practices, they open the higher energy centers, chakras, especially the crown chakra, and infuse their lower vehicles with the energies of this perfected space.

This grace is not purely mechanical. It arises out of the bounty of a godbeing of magnificent spiritual stature, which holds the entire galactic form within its being. From within its existential core, it draws from such huge energies that the tiniest flicker of its intent would return earthplanet to its original formless condition.

This prayer is not about what transcendental peace can bring to you. It is about what you can offer the world. It has sought you out from beyond your individual desiring or the union of a godbeing with your personal life. These are not entirely separate events, but the aspiration for transcendental peace is not about making a separate peace with the world. In order to experience this peace individually, you have to offer it in the service to the race, which is bound up within the existential realities of the godbeing of earthplanet plane. Should you respond favorably to this invitation, then an even deeper communion with the godbeing entering your life can be established. Beyond the veils of mind and sense lie the mysteries of life, some waiting to be revealed, some remaining obscured until the perfect moment of God’s own astonishment.

Advanced Commentary
The voice in this prayer is responding to a realization that beyond its human condition there is nothing further for it to realize. It has come in contact with infinite energy and is devastated by its realization that it has no real access to “life’s hidden fire.” Hidden Dragon can be realized as that which it is, but within its human longing for “God,” and the subsequent realization of God’s unreality, it, nevertheless, prays for peace. It wants to maintain its mortal form.

Transcendental peace goes beyond any other kind of peace, such as, peace of mind,  the peace of  a perfectly healthy body, social and political peace, or emotional peace. In order to find transcendental peace, the voice must touch the boundaries of its individualized life to know where peace is not. It is not within space/time; it is not locatable within the mind, and when it searches behind the veils that conceal the flame of living love, it faces its limited tolerability to this love. The desire for peace is not a retreat from the search; it is the realization that as a mortal being its desire for infinitude cannot be fulfilled.

As this voice moves more deeply into the realizations that have stirred its desire for peace, it confronts Hidden Dragon as the totality of all possibilities, including peace. Beyond the “brooding eyes” of the Dragon, there is nowhere to go. By asserting its desire in that context, however, the voice is acting out of the truth of its recognition. Here truth and peace are paradoxically both one and irreconcilable.

The layers of truth expressed in each of  these dimensions of the voice occur simultaneously within its desire for peace, for no wave emerging out of the Dragon for manifestation, regardless of how complex it may become within the context of human life, can be anything other than what it is. All dimensions of the life of this particular voice have that seed, “Bring peace to me!”, imbedded within them. The sequencing of their exposition in this prayer is, therefore, from this plane of existence, arbitrary. Its manifestation within each of these dimensions is inevitable absolutely.