32 Confronting the Deceiver

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
God! Please touch me! I have waited so long!

I don’t want proof! My mind’s not in play!
My heart spills its longing all over the floor!
I have drunk greedily of illusion and fantasy!
Inside my mind you are never real!

Hidden Dragon! I see the ghosts!
I am nothing but confusion! There is no way out!
Flatten the walls! Strip me naked!
Sweet dream illusion, I give you up!

Fire of Life! Living Love! I surrender to you!
Fire of Life! Living Love! I surrender to you!
Fire of Life! Living Love! I surrender to you!

Coming upon this prayer in your quest for self-knowledge indicates a profound sincerity in your heart. What question leads you here? Do you find in that question a willingness to give up your illusions about God? In this prayer, you will find enough fire of life energy to burn through resistance to real knowledge, but you must cultivate it. Casual rumination is not enough. A library of books will tell you nothing. You have had many thoughts about God, some simple, some sophisticated; but the biggest illusion you must face is the belief that your human life is real. All beliefs about God arise out of your illusion about who you are.

As you pursue this passion for truth, you will be staggered to see the depths of the illusion. Everything you have been told about God is not only false but has been deliberately implanted in your mind to deceive you about yourself. There is no outside world with teachers and teachings, no path, no truth, no savior of souls. Neither the god of your mind nor the world of your eye exists. A hidden layer of your being fabricates these stories to engage itself until a mystery far deeper than you can imagine is ready to stir. You are hiding all this from yourself, not as a personality unwilling to face unpleasant truths, but as an eternal being on a quest to project itself into a form that can never reveal what it really is. You are the impossibility of pure existence ever knowing itself completely! Lives come and go but very little is revealed.

Now you are willing to endure profound pain in order to fulfill a desire that cannot be realized in the human condition. As you descend into the hidden chambers of feeling, you will find the grief that underlies all of your life, the knowledge that you have suffered for something that can never be. In the emptiness beyond love and hope, you hold on to a last grasp of illusion to avoid exposure to a truth so humble and so real that only the most magnificent deception can suggest its value. Living love is the last desire. This is what you live and die for.