26 Godbeing Intent

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please grant me clear passage! Open the door!

I sit here stuck in my self-made illusion!
How did I dream myself this resistance?
I wait and wait, alone and confused.
The world rushes by. Is this the wrong action?

Hidden Dragon! Release my mind! Unburden my heart!
The foundations are solid. Give me my due!
Nothing is wrong with my intent or life purpose.
Let the world be my witness, my stage, my support!

Living Love! Fire of Life! Clear the way for me!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Clear the way for me!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Clear the way for me!

Your godbeing self is withholding its life-energy from you until you make a deeper acknowledgment of its reality. Right action is not the issue. Realizing the basis of action is.

Your personal life is the leading edge of great waves of life arising out of godspace and transducing themselves into the modest portions of energy that govern human life on earthplanet plane. There is nothing inherently valuable in your actions if their sole purpose is to satisfy desires. Even right action is hollow if it serves only to enhance the vanity of the actor. Your actions have real value if you draw upon the fire of life energy to move them through your worldspace experience. With the intent of the godbeing behind them, obstacles vanish.

If you have drawn this prayer in the context of personal frustration, locate in your thinking the motivation that led to the actions in question. In the process of becoming more solidly grounded in godspace, you touch upon the subtle threads of attachment to your worldspace identity. When the godbeing has fully engaged your life with its intent, actions that manifest through you will have nothing to do with the worldspace concerns that govern the human race. Its actions—your actions—will become gestures of the eternal mystery of life acting upon the stage of worldspace for the limited duration of the mortal body through which it moves.