41 Removal of Guilt

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please purge me of sin! Purify the stains!

It must be sin itself, nothing specific.
My belly and my bones burn with this guilt.
Love’s tenderness alone can melt the shame.
Oh, mother, why me! Oh, mother! Oh, mother!

Hidden Dragon! Love has hard bristles!
Is this why I hide? Afraid to be fathomed?
I cannot unfold unless my house is cleaned.
You are the serpent! Cast me out! Let me in!

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Burn from within!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Burn from within!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Burn from within!

The secrets of godspace are not easily sought. You have nothing to guide you but your own desire. Behind the veil, however, hidden from view within the emptiness of godspace, there is a sober knowing that imbues your actions with powers and limitations. If you seek the doorway into godspace realities, you must depend upon its intelligence to take you there, accepting as part of a godbeing’s intent the discomforts of your particular life. Guilt is a condition of worldspace. Within the eye of a godbeing, everything is whole. No action is judged right or wrong.

The mysteries of existence are shielded by a godbeing’s intent just as they are released by that intent. As you contemplate the question that drew you to this prayer, accept your personal anguish as a life condition that arises out of your godspace core. Your absolute self is a godbeing of the quantum cosmos. It is manifesting in you certain life conditions as a platform for its emergence onto earthplanet plane. Its life in you will be the acting out of godseeds vibrating in its godspace core. Only a godbeing's infinite intelligence can manifest the precise conditions required for those godseeds to manifest. Within worldspace, guilt is painful. It is real only in the context of a godbeing’s intent.

Advanced Commentary
The voice in the first stanza of this prayer is suffering one of the most debilitating conditions of the human experience. By pleading with its godbeing reality, the human voice asks it to erase the stain of guilt. The godbeing, by taking on the human voice and making it its own, wants to step into human existence through one of the most difficult doors available to it. This movement is its purpose for entering the world.

In the second stanza, the godbeing evaluates the “sin” condition. It does not identify with it; instead, it contemplates sin as a challenge which needs to be met. From the human point of view, guilt is intolerable; from the godbeing point of view, it is a human reality that needs understanding. As the godbeing begins to feel what guilt is, it calls in vain upon a mother’s love for relief.

In the Hidden Dragon stanza, the godbeing is recognizing what it takes to have its house, its human form beset by guilt, cleansed for its entry. And it requires more than a mother’s love. In order for the godbeing to enter, it must recognize know how deeply guilt disturbs the human experience. At this point, the godbeing faces a terrible paradox: it wants to be free of  human guilt, but it also wants to fulfill its purpose, which is to enter the human form with guilt in place. Beset with this irreconcilable reality, the godbeing begins to “burn from within.”  This seed out of which the godbeing is living actually has nothing to with taking on guilt; its seed is the absorption of its godbeing condition back into the fire of life. Such had been its reality all along. Confrontation with guilt has been merely that means.

Another godseed possibility manifesting from the Dragon.