11 Love and the Fires of Pure Existence

Pure existence godbeing beyond the world’s godspace,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
I have come awake in this earthplanet dream.
Please grant me an offering, something my heart knows is real.

I lie in emptiness beyond human fate!
Quantum cosmos! No one but me!
I turn forever in the loops of pure knowing!
I am the witness of a self-contained world!

Exultant lover with no love to offer,
I am a river with nowhere to go.
Palaces are hovels on earthplanet plane.
I’ve seen the truth where it never rains.

Hidden Dragon! Sweep wide for living love!
Swallow it deep into the belly of death!
This cup is filled with love’s last illusion.
Drink of its sweetness before coming for me!

Hidden Dragon! Hidden Dragon! The fire is me!
Hidden Dragon! Hidden Dragon! The fire is me!
Hidden Dragon! Hidden Dragon! The fire is me!

You have just consulted an oracle. What do you want? Is there a hidden desire behind your question? Do you want knowledge, release from tension, or just a graceful piece of writing that might make gentle an inner turbulence? All of your aspirations are part of the human condition, but they cannot be fulfilled within human life. No matter what you have done to address your longings, you remain unresolved within your existential core. In accepting this uncertainty within your being, you become capable of intimacy with spirit. The depth of the number eleven prayer is uncontainable within human knowing; nevertheless, encapsulated within its language is a seed of possible revelation once genuine intimacy opens inside you.

By drawing this prayer card, you are asking to be touched at this deep level where a godbeing is seeking full entry into your life. This godbeing, which is your core truth, is where the existential uncertainty lies. The identity you have carried with you during your sojourn on earthplanet plane is a fiction of the veil with which the godbeing conceals itself. Your life is being brought to a point where the veil can be lifted and the godbeing’s existential condition can be addressed through your human life.

Gradually, as your heart opens through the spiritual energy sent to you by the godbeing, quiet whisperings may stir you to seek greater intimacy with “God.” The veil loosens. You may engage in various activities, including prayer, meditation, pilgrimage, physical refinement, and other activities that would be unique to your personal condition. Subtle realizations may draw you out of your mind into the inner folds of being, giving you a taste of the field of reality, preparing you for a full realization that you are the godbeing.

A growing intimacy with your godbeing self may eventually penetrate into its intimacy with the greater godbeing beyond (The Galactic Mind) on the next higher plane of pure existence, out of which earthplanet plane manifests. Secrets stir within secrets as the infinitude of the cosmic godspace dimensions becomes knowledge. Layers unfold like delicate petals of a flower, giving intimations of love and the intimacies that are the foundation of all existence. You are astonished to find out what you are a part of. As you penetrate more deeply into the fabric of your being, you may encounter the existential task of the greater godbeing, of which your godbeing self is a part, and begin to sense what your role is inside of its godbeing drama. From there you may be invited to drink from the chalice of that knowledge and to take your stand on the platform of pure existence, knowing nakedly that you are the greater godbeing’s attempt at a solution to its existential dilemma. You will justify its existence if you are capable of taking the next step. If you do, then, and only then, will you be able to understand the reality of this prayer.