39 Love in Worldspace

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please, grant me the wisdom of human love!

Body divine, temple of truth,
Love’s last illusion will die in you.
It always ends. That’s guaranteed.
My love and your love—
A moment is enough!

Hidden Dragon! For love and death!
Beauty and sweetness blow in the wind!
There is nothing eternal about one last kiss.
Human love does not last!
Eternity is now!

Living Love! Fire of Life! Embrace the truth!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Embrace the truth!
Living Love! Fire of Life! Embrace the truth!

The invisible veils of life that give the world its shape and the human heart its longing arise out of a godbeing’s relationship with itself. This intimate self-knowing is a gesture of irreducible simplicity made by an original being, a godbeing, to shelter itself from the infinite beauty of its existence. in its original condition, love is; a godbeing knows no “other.” What it knows, instead, is the tragedy of its condition. It is alone with itself.

Your personal relationships are bound within worldspace. In that context, you know nothing of the conditions that make love real. You suffer what all human beings suffer—love obscured by the veils of the world and the need to propagate the species.

In drawing this prayer card, you have the opportunity to accept into your life a godbeing lover who is searching for a context in which to act out the original intent of love. Alone within itself, it lives love purely in contemplation of its reality as a godbeing. If you open your heart to the godbeing’s intent, you will find an intimate relationship that will satisfy you to an unimaginable depth. The godseeds of love tremble with germination desire. Send a probe of that desire deep into this prayer! Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!