13 Protection from Foolishness

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please grant me protection as I walk without knowing!

Life astounds me! My mind has no boundaries.
Glimpses of heaven bring me bliss.
I have no worries. What could happen?
I am invincible, immortal and eternally free!

Hidden Dragon! I sit at your table!
Pass me the wine! Let the revels begin!
Let me coax you into endless parlay!
Let me peek behind that fiery veil!

Fire of Life! Living Love! Abide in me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Abide in me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Abide in me!

This prayer card is for initiates into higher spiritual energies. If you are asking yourself whether you have just had such an initiation, you haven’t. The release of energy addressed here arises from your inner core and can ravage every aspect of your life. You may experience a profound exultation and sense of freedom that can send you careening off into higher energy fields without any sense of purpose or guidance.

The taste of this energy can be ecstatic. Every cell in your body can become sexually charged. All beliefs about God, life, and love can vanish in a flash as fictions of the veil. Freedom can engulf your worldly judgment and lead you to dare the limiting conditions of your personal life. While not being completely free of mental, physical and emotional distortions, you may leap off into experiences that would alienate you from your social surroundings. Sometimes such experiences are necessary within the context of the godbeing’s intent, but you are wise not to dare what can be thought through. Wisdom is just as much a part of the godbeing’s gift to you as is the surge of ecstatic energy and realization of freedom. This prayer asks for wisdom under conditions where wisdom has the least chance of appearing.

If this card has come up for you and you are not in the situation just described, then you are being asked to evaluate how you use your life energy. Everyone has been given an allotment of spiritual energy to work with. Whether it is recognized as spiritual or not does not matter. Energy is energy. How are you using your energy? Is there enough of it to fulfill your desires? What emotions and beliefs does that energy engage? Can you sand back from what moves you and evaluate your experience.