16 Spiritual Character

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent truth of the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please, strengthen my heart with the nobility of self-knowing.

Commonplace dreams yield empty lives.
Unconscious longings distort human love.
Let me not falter among the blind!
Hold my head high! Let me see the sun!

Light! Endless light! Light everywhere!
Coming from you! Coming from me! Across the sky!
Endless freedom reigns! It is the fire of life!
The glories of truth have nothing to hide.

Hidden Dragon! Spare no redress!
Burn away the dross! Clean the stables!
Merciless justice, wear a crown!
Let compassion’s purpose be revealed—

Fire of Life! Self-existence! No turn in the road!
Fire of Life! Self-existence! No turn in the road!
Fire of Life! Self-existence! No turn in the road!

Spiritual character is not defined by conditions of the world. it is of a whole other order. As you read this prayer and its commentary, look inside yourself, not the world, for the manifestations of real qualities. Real qualities arise directly out of godspace in response to what you as a human being bring to it.

Everything real to a godbeing happens deep within the heart, where the paradox of pure existence seeks its resolution in human life. The qualities of a godbeing’s heart arise out of the necessities of this condition. By drawing this card, you are being asked to consider the qualities of character you have accumulated by virtue of your participation in the world. Whom do you admire? Who has deeply influenced you and why? What personal qualities do you draw upon when your well-being is challenged? Now consider the different layers inside your heart and how only a few experiences have allowed you to go deep within. What are those experiences, and how much conscious intent did you exercise in their coming about? Entry into the deepest spaces of the heart comes only through the surrender of personal life values to the real values of pure existence. The heart of the godbeing is inside you. If you approach, the door will open, and it will not close until you walk through.

In approaching each other, the human being and the godbeing both encounter the unknown. Imagine you are face to face with the absolute field of reality, godspace. Your human mind widens in panic trying to take in its absolute perplexity. something comes to your aid and allows you gradually to assimilate what you have seen into daily experience. From the godspace inside, imagine a godbeing, not incarnate, approaching the veil that separates its godspace reality from human life. What must a godbeing face, mad as it is our of pure existence fire, as it prepares to take on the human condition and wear the mantle of that vulnerability?

This prayer and the commentary offer you the opportunity to contemplate qualities that must arise in response to both of these spiritual movements. The human condition and the godbeing condition are coming together in a way that cannot be seen through mortal eyes nor even through the eyes of a godbeing in search of its peace. Look at the second stanza as the trepidation of the godbeing entering earthplanet plane. Look at the third stanza as the prayer of the human being embracing the godbeing fire. Each offers the other the strength of its character as means by which both realities can be sustained in a single form. Your real life lies in the inner folds of the veil where these conditions meet. As you contemplate what is said here, feel the fire of life reaching into the qualities of your heart built out of worldspace conditions. See your personal confusions dissolve in the knowledge of what is.

Advanced Commentary
This prayer is about the absoluteness of strength required in order for the voice to surrender itself into pure existence field from which it came. The “nobility of self-knowing” dawns upon this voice within a series of realizations that ultimately bring on exultation, which is the essence of “spiritual character.”

Looking back over the history of human existence, the voice finds that love, which human beings value, either consciously or unconsciously, above all other experiences, always fails. The emptiness of human existence can never be redeemed. By the time this stanza ends, the voice has accepted its new condition and leaves the unfulfilled human condition behind. It holds its head high. It sees the “sun.”

The exultation of this voice in this stanza lies on the other side of human love. Through the image of light, the voice exclaims that the truth is in everything. “It is the fire of life!” There is no looking back to the human womb, from which it has just emerged. From what it realizes now, there is no comparison with human love, which has dissolved into nothingness.

The prayer to Hidden Dragon, which the voice now realizes is the dynamism of all that exists and does not exist, asks that it sweep away all pretenses of human character: purity, justice and compassion. Not even compassion, which the pentacle of human spiritual character, has no more value than any other state of human existence, high or low. In its state of self-existence, the voice exists only as itself. The human aspiration of character has ceased.

“Nowhere to go” is the godseed manifested in this prayer.