46 Developing Leadership

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please grant me foresight and the power to lead!

People are alone in a world with little light.
Who am I to sit here and contemplate truth?
Something stirs inside my heart.
There is little I can do, but there must be a way.

Hidden Dragon! Just a few steps!
I am not sanguine about great revelations.
From point A to point B –
Strength and courage would help.
Then pass it on to someone else.

Fire of Life! Living Love! Use me if you will!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Use me if you will!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Use me if you will!

Imbedded in the veil of the world are innumerable life stories that are self-contained and yet belong to the earthplanet story that is the dream of a mighty pure existence godbeing. Your life story is one of those dreams. From your point of view, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. From the point of view of the godbeings descending into earthplanet plane, your life is one of the myriad of modules of perception into which they imbue the intent of the mighty godbeing from which the delimited godbeings come.

The godbeing which is approaching your life has come from afar to merge with you. Its reality is like the stem of a flower manifesting the many petals of its bloom. In acts of pure contemplation, it sorts through the life dreams that are each of its petals, giving and taking life within its dream plan so that its intent may blossom and be offered to the greater godbeing, whose gaze is their life and will to be. As the lesser godbeing who is your life and will to be merges into your individual dream module of perception, it will unfold its knowledge to you and give you the capacity to influence the other petals of life within its collection of human and non-human dream modules. This kind of leadership has nothing to do with the forms of leadership that arise in a social context.

As your human perception transforms into godbeing perception, you may become confused as to how your new life may be applied in the human world. Leadership from the godbeing’s perspective means that from within your individual dream module, it will be readily able to transmit its intent to the other dream modules of its godbeing reality. From a human being’s point of view, this influence cannot be perceived.

Each question you ask of the Fire of Life Prayers arises out of your godbeing’s portion of the eternal mystery of life to explore. Your question is its question. How you live out the answer influences all the other life dreams that exist simultaneously within its godbeing condition but which may not be present within your particular dream module. The best you can do is to read deeply into your life for the most truthful response to your situation. In this particular prayer, the personal point of view is surrendering its illusions about how its influence will be applied. Look at your question and see where you are in this process.