40 The Cosmic Dilemma

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please grant me fine vision, the sight that knows!

My mind has voices, present and past,
Cries for attention that defy the truth.
Open the portals of vision and mental refinement,
The sharpness of discernment, the silence of knowing!

Hidden Dragon! Unweave the threads!
Lay them out to see on the plane of illusion!
Show me the subtle shades of nothing become something!
I will test The Real, play the game!

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Every thread clear!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Every thread clear!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Every thread clear!

The mind craves satisfaction. Inside every thought, every apprehension of sense, and every wave of emotion, there is a longing that reaches all the way into godspace, where the original intent is always stirring. By drawing this prayer, you are asking that this longing find fulfillment. You are no longer satisfied with the superficial aspects of life. The infinitude of worldspace no longer deceives you.

If you are free in your heart, you can put aside your human limitations and take on the mantle of a godbeing gazing into the fire of life. As the master of illusion, you can explore the subtle fabric of godspace as it manifests into worldspace. From beyond earthplanet plane, you can become a cosmic artist and draw upon life-giving powers to manifest seed realities that have never lived before. What diabolical glee will possess you as you contemplate the power of godbeing actions unfettered by the illusions of a veiled world! Who will you become, then, godbeing dreamer, in your godspace field, when you realize that there are infinite seed possibilities to dream with? Will you wish to be mortal again, loving in the face of death, desiring again to be what you already know is not enough? What is this paradox that neither human nor godbeing life can resolve? How can you play The Real for real?

These questions are always living within you, whether you are immersed in worldspace or whether you live in the eternal vision of a godspace dreamer. Your human life is the essence of these questions in motion. If you wish to activate the vision of this prayer, you are asking for the opportunity to know who you are from a godbeing’s point of view. Since the human and godbeing points of view are incompatible, you will have to find a solution to the paradox that neither point of view is satisfying without the other. If you accept this vision as a life purpose, your human life will become real.

Advanced Commentary
This voice wants illusion and truth to be the same. It asks first for “fine vision” in order to transcend the limiting perceptions of the mind and see through the illusion that is the foundation of human experience. It wants to retain its human voice while cognizing that for which no human vision can be adequate. It wishes to be cosmic without losing its human perspective.

In order to achieve this new state of its existence, the voice is willing to surrender the foundation structures of the mind – “voices, present and past,” which are the threads of thought that link all of its experiences into an individualized being. It is even willing to surrender the most satisfying condition its existence, a mind that strives to transcend limitations. Its dilemma, however, is that its desire can only be defined by the limitations of its human perception. It wants “portals of vision” through which it can see “the silence of knowing.”

In its appeal to Hidden Dragon, which is the only source through which this desire can be fulfilled, it wants to retain its boundaries but wants them to be translucent. In this way, it can “play the game,” which is to dance precariously upon the human illusions that define it. It wants to test itself in the context of “The Real.”

Through this desire, the human voice can no longer be considered just human. Its ultimate power, which lies in its having “every thread clear,” can only mean that Hidden Dragon is playing with itself. The godseed in this prayer allows both the human being and the godbeing to dance the one dance.