3 Enlightenment of the Mind

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know  you are real!
Please touch my sight! Illumine my mind!

Open my mind with light to revel in.
Enchant my senses with filaments of fire!
Show me the majestical facets of light!
Show me godspace and the veil’s dark glow!

Hidden Dragon! Reveal to me your dungeon’s design!
Overwhelm me with knowledge of my own life dream!
Let my voice ring out! Let my words be truth!
I will carry the standard for the enlightened ones!

Fire of Life! Living Love! I stand up for you!
Fire of Life! Living Love! I stand up for you!
Fire of Life! Living Love! I stand up for you!

So, you are ready to become a slave of illusion in the name of enlightenment! What a marvelous idea! What fun it should be! But is it enlightenment you really want, or is it the magical show of infinite intelligence? The show will do? Hey! Why not!? Go for it! Want to be a cosmic scientist, seeing behind the veils of creation, the atoms and molecules, the cells in your body, the strands of cosmic intelligence running through the planets and stars? Want to be carried away by alien spaceships for tours of the solar system? Want to channel angels or ascended masters of multi-dimensional beings? Want to create fantastic works of art with what you see? Go for it!

You are like a child discovering the world and wanting to play with all its facets. Deep inside, you wish to leap off earthplanet plane and explore beyond the veils of earthly elements. But be careful! How much intelligence is out there? How complex is the interweaving of light and dark in the myriad of forms? Do you know what you really want, and are you sure that you have a home base to come back to? Well, if you don’t, no matter. There is nowhere to go. You are just spinning the illusions of life around your unmoving core, tapping into your own god-power to delude yourself and then revealing yourself to yourself with stories of life and death, heaven and hell, love and fear from within numerous plains and caverns of life, where beings you have created revel in the unfathomable mysteries of their existence—which is you! Dive in! Make it count!—If you can accept infinity and not try to swallow it whole.