34 Struggle

Pure Existence Godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please help me accept the world as it is!

I have struggled with evil,
Faced problems and conquered.
I have labored in my heart with love and fear.
Remorse brings me anguished face down on my knees.
I am weary of fighting. No war can be won.

Hidden Dragon! I am always on guard!
Is there no union, no freedom or peace?
I accept! Let it be! Your will is supreme!
Understanding alone will not ease the pain!

Fire of Life! Living Love! Beyond struggle and fear!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Beyond struggle and fear!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Beyond struggle and fear!

This prayer deals with frustration. Any question you bring to it will bounce back onto your heart and ask why you are struggling with this issue. If you are arguing with God or with yourself that a situation should or should not be, then you are creating greater pain than the situation itself is generating. Whatever it is, is; any argument to the contrary is futile.

Nevertheless, your struggle is what it is, too, and from that level you can address life issues deeper than emotional pain. Inside the intent of your godbeing self lies a necessity that is working itself out in your life. Its root condition is that it cannot exist solely as a godspace being. It needs the boundaries of living to maintain itself. Your life arises out of a power within your godbeing self that puts limits upon the infinite cosmic fire. It binds the fire so that you and your world may rise and be the means by which it sustains its discrete existence as a godbeing. This binding process continues until pain causes a reverse movement in cosmic energy.

As you struggle with the issue that bought you to this prayer, consider that you are at the fulcrum of this profound spiritual event. Your pain is the means by which spiritual intent overcomes the constricting process and transmutes the illusion of human life into the bliss of godbeing life. Only by accepting the godbeing’s necessity as yours can you address the real source of the pain.