25 Strengthening the Will

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please strengthen my will! Overcome this inertia!

It is a mountain and I am always looking up.
One step at a time doesn’t work for me.
Sloth, indifference and indolence are here.
Better a spear in my chest! This boredom is death!

Hidden dragon! Shock me alive and make the earth tremble!
Armies of the night, invade the shores!
Lust, greed and violence are better than nothing,
This torpor, this life without living!

Fire of Life! Hidden Dragon! Rise up in me!
Fire of Life! Hidden Dragon! Rise up in me!
Fire of Life! Hidden Dragon! Rise up in me!

Drawing this prayer card means that you are experiencing resistance to the fire of life energies. Don’t worry. Nothing is wrong. This resistance is necessary. To assist you in governing these energies, something arises to act as a shield to protect you from the full force of all possibilities wanting expression. Look at the question that brought you here. Does it ask for a diminution of energy or an increase in the rate of change occurring in your life? Increase of energy brings more bliss and knowledge of godspace, but it also brings the risk that you cannot adapt quickly enough to the changes that come with it. Godspace vibrates through the lower vehicles of mind and body bringing a sense of union with God. Once you have tasted that satisfaction, you can only want more. Behind that sense, however, lies Hidden Dragon, which is the furnace of infinite life-energy expressing itself without resistance.

The only thing protecting you and all creation from the chaos of infinite energy is the intent of infinite godbeings, each with a matrix of possibilities that defines its existence within godspace. A godbeing’s matrix is its piece of the infinite mystery of life to explore. A godbeing’s intent is its capacity to bind the energy given to it and manifest life conditions that allow that exploration. Your personal life arises out of the matrix of a godbeing exploring deep within the field of matter on a mission that serves a greater godbeing whose matrix is too large for it to enter this limited field of life.