7 Inner Strength

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know  you are real!
Please grant me the strength that cannot fail!

The halls of knowledge are empty.
The mind has failed.
I am bare inside. I have no freedom or peace.
Pure existence alone is its own protection.
You are truth with no second.
I want to be who you are.

Hidden Dragon! Grab your spear and set it aflame!
Give me ardor, silence and might!
I will stand the course. I will not blink!
Still and unyielding, I wake though I dream!

Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Silence! Inner strength!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Silence! Inner strength!
Fire of Life! Fire of Life! Silence! Inner strength!

The courses of action are fraught with peril. You cannot know the outcome of anything you do. No matter what you have learned through your experiences, your grasp of life is no better now than it was when you were a child. This is the human condition. Fools think otherwise. The humble know. Nevertheless, the core of life offers its own source of strength. You have a choice. You can pray to it as if it were a distant being, fulfilling your imaginings about who God is, asking for guidance and strength, or you can receive into your personal life a real, living godbeing who will provide you an unassailable foundation upon which you can take a stand in the world. On your own, looking to the vacillating mind and the wounded heart to assert yourself, you will always fail.

There is irony in saying prayers that transcend the need for prayer, but the Fire of Life Prayers are not offered as pleas for assistance from God. They are waves of perfection merging into the limited knowing of beings who suffer. They are the godbeing preparing the foundation for its emergence into human life. The godbeing is strength. As it merges more deeply into your individual condition, you will feel what it brings with it--an absolute power of self-knowledge, eternally renewable energy, and a depth of heart that only a godbeing can deal with. Use these prayers to open a door and become the strength you otherwise might continually seek from outside yourself, which can only be an illusion.

Advanced Commentary
The human being can realize its godbeing aspect only under certain conditions. These are revealed stage by stage within the second stanza. All systems of knowledge, including those that are supposed to lead the human being to fulfillment, must fail. They must be realized as mere conditions of mind having no basis in reality. The foundation of human aspiration, which is the longing for freedom, peace, and happiness, loses its viability. These conditions are merely a dream and cannot be used to escape the human condition. Pure existence is the only reality, and it offers neither peace nor truth. It is what it is. A human being, who is a dual being longing for relief from its condition, wants to be that which is its own protection. In other words, it wants to be self-sufficient and immovable, regardless of what occurs within its walk in the world.

From within its human condition, it tries to translate what it has realized about the self-existent godbeing condition into qualities of heart that will most represent what the godbeing is. It calls upon Hidden Dragon to close the gap between the two realities. It wants to take on the qualities of a warrior, it wants a flaming spear, it wants “ardor, silence and might,” it wants endurance. Taken as a whole, it wants absolute qualities that will protect it from any of the traumas to which it is susceptible in the world.

From within the waves of pure existence, which are the foundation of both existences, the seeds of both voices stand on the verge of separation. “Silence” is the godbeing voice; “inner strength” the human.