14 New Knowing

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please, grant me my birthright—the joy of new knowing!

The night sky surrenders its veil of peace.
Innocence stirs awake on the altar of forgetting.
New life! New truth! New everything! Let it be!
I am a child of nothing! Comfort comes on its own!

Hidden Dragon! Curl up in my lap!
Let me stroke the veils that belie your knowing!
You are life’s sweet blanket, forever new joy!
My eyes need never open! What is there to see?

Living Love! Fire of Life! A joy to be!
Living Love! Fire of Life! A joy to be!
Living Love! Fire of Life! A joy to be!

The Fire of Life Prayers are seeds of godspace merging into the human condition. Their presence on earthplanet plane in this form, that is, as language and prayer, is an intimation that the human condition is being transformed into new life. The prayers cannot be grasped in the mind, nor can subtle waves of devotion touch them. They cannot be approached this way. Instead, they should be seen as living beings in their own right. Collectively, they represent the life of a godbeing as it merges into a human form, bringing with it knowledge of the original condition of existence. Godbeing knowledge is the catalyst for this transformation in the human form to occur. In drawing this prayer, you are seeking a realization of innocence, but not the innocence of childhood. Your conscious self is looking for its source. It is seeking to “remember” what it originally is. Listen deeply to what follows. If you can touch this truth, you may get a taste of “knew knowing.”

Out of the infinite mystery of being, something stirs eternally within itself. Dissatisfied with its formless condition, this mystery rebels against the ambiguity of its existence as non-existence. It has no consciousness but contains a dynamic knowing of itself as an absolute condition.

This original, spiritual nakedness deals with itself through the formed realities of creation. Magnificent godbeings emerge out of the stirrings of pure existence to take on the task of ameliorating the bottomless terror of pure self-knowledge. Binding cosmic energies into their godspace field, they eternally dream out all the possibilities available to them within infinitely transmutable life matrices.  

Nothing formed, however, can fully take on the reality of pure existence; instead, the infinite potential of form is revealed over and over again in the unquenchable fires of creation. There is no beginning or end to this process.

New knowing is the emergence within the original field of life—pure existence—of a new godbeing to take on a certain capacity of pure creation possibilities. In other words, out of the dream fields of a godbeing living out is unrealizable quest for complete self-expression, a new, self-knowing piece of pure existence pops up in its godspace in pure astonishment that it exists. This astonishment is the original joy of life, but unless formed realities begin to emerge out of the new godbeing’s pure creation fount, that astonishment will turn into the horror of trying to embrace all energy all at once.

Under the embrace of the greater godbeing of which it is an offspring, the new-knowing child of pure existence learns mastery over its portion of cosmic energy. It expands its capacity to generate the forms of creation, making its contribution to the pacification of infinite energy. The “all at once” component of cosmic energy is Hidden Dragon, which can never be revealed nor pacified. The birth of new-knowing godbeings is an eternal event within an irresolvable dilemma. It has never not been going on.

The purpose of drawing this card is to shake you out of the stupidities of the mind’s ongoing disgruntlement, including thoughts about God and truth. The meditation for this prayer is the last line before the mantric refrain: “My eyes need never open! What is there to see?” Meditate on the ambiguity of this line and hopefully you will have a mini-flash of cosmic space to shake your mind loose from is pretense of sovereignty. It could happen. But you know what? If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter a wit!