27 Right Action

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know you are real!
Please grant me right action, a clear path to follow!

The world is so complicated!
I don’t know what to do!
Greed and fear to compete with!
I want beauty and truth!
Show me the way not to disturb evil –
Strength and compassion along the shores of pure knowing!

Hidden Dragon! Chart my path!
Your intelligence is boundless!
Move me through the world!
The course of action is child’s play for you!
What can I offer if my dream threads are bare?

Fire of Life! Living Love! Bold steps for me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Bold steps for me!
Fire of Life! Living Love! Bold steps for me!

In reality, action is fluid and joyous. Only personal identification with action can cause pain. Knowledge of godspace is the sole basis of right action. If you are immersed in the field of infinite possibilities, the intent of the godbeing will determine your course. If you are trying to work your way through conflicting desires, nothing can help you. You are at the mercy of genetic programming and the social order of which your personal life is a part.

Actions arise out of godspace, first in reaction to the emptiness of pure existence, then in reaction to the absolute joy of being. Manifested life is this joy taking form. Wrapping itself within the first veils of form, a godbeing is imbued with joy. As the veils of manifestation become denser, the joy diminishes. By the time human life emerges, this joy has become a shadow. Nevertheless, despite their attachment to the limited pleasures of their existence, human beings also respond to their roots in the godbeing, and human actions, even when not based in the godbeing’s intent, seek to return to this unconditioned joy.

Actions that arise out of godspace meet no resistance because they are in accord with the godbeing’s intent. There is an ease and pleasure about them that has nothing to do with the fruits of action. If you are struggling with your actions and are making judgments about their value, then you are experiencing a conflict, not between values of the veil, but between human motivation and godbeing intent. Here is not only an opportunity for you to make discernments about motivation but also to explore the subtle fabric of joy.