8 Healing

Pure existence godbeing in my own awake space,
Self-existent traveler through the quantum cosmos,
Stirred awake as I dream, I know  you are real!
Please grant me deep healing and inner peace!

Come into my heart, sweet mother love,
I am wounded inside. I ask for your healing.
No one but you know why I suffer.
I am love’s sweet lure to bring you in close!

Hidden Dragon! Do you recognize my being?
Who are we but stewards of the quantum cosmos?
I, too, am alone and concealed in darkness.
Hidden from view, we both know our fates.

Fire of life! Living Love! Healing love come to me!
Fire of life! Living Love! Healing love come to me!
Fire of life! Living Love! Healing love come to me!

The gardens of life explode with flowers. A thousand gods bathe in the ambrosia of heaven. The universe celebrates the bounty of creation. Revelations spread like rainbows across the sky. Does all this enchant you and make you feel better? Would you expect to find healing in the celestial realms of consciousness? Many gifts of life flow from the higher planes to the lower, some of which the gods claim credit for. The deepest secrets of life, however, are wrapped in mysterious veils that not even the gods of heaven can know.

Healing is a private matter. It does not belong to the gods or to healers. So intimate is its working that even godbeings bow when it emerges. The desire for healing will draw you deeper into the inner folds of life, where communion with absolute love is more available. No greater beauty is there than infinitely tender love touching the heart of a wounded being. No eyes shall see nor mind know the grace of this perfection.

If your body needs healing, then so does your spirit. You may feel lost in the world of density, confusion and pain, but hidden beneath the veils of body and mind, the mystery of your life goes on untouched and unrevealed. Reach beneath what is physically or emotionally apparent. Unwrap your consciousness from the outer form. Trust the unseen movements of life that transcend the duration of body and personality. The godbeing is not concerned about how long your physical form endures; it is concerned only that the maximum possibilities of its life be manifested from it. The grace of healing occurs eternally but is never revealed. Pray for this love. Healing will come, or not.